We can see thousands of properties from our base station: if you can see us (Drumcarrow – the high hill to the west of St Andrews), it is more than likely that we can connect you. Even if you can’t, don’t panic! As we roll-out our network, we will be extending with point-to-point relays, connecting more properties and ever-more remote ‘off grid’ premises.

In North East Fife, we have a staged process – with three phases.

The faster people sign-up and join our network, the shorter our phasing will be – but it is only right to make this clear from the outset.

Phase 1 : 2024-25

This will cover the areas closest to our base station located at Drumcarrow mast, just west of St Andrews.

Phase 2 : 2025-26

Our second phase will see our network grow - spreading out into the East Neuk and across north east Fife.

Phase 3 : 2026-27

Our third phase will enable us to move further out into more rural areas as well as to serve Levenmouth.

Our Roll Out

You can click on the tabs below to find the A-Z list of villages and towns that sit within each of our phased areas.

Why is it wireless?

It is faster and more environmentally-friendly to deploy broadband wirelessly.

No trenches in roads. No traffic delays. No digging up of pavements … and certainly no erecting of 19th century infrastructure using telegraph poles to string thick, black cables from point to point!

Oh. And did we mention that for every property we connect, we plant a tree locally that helps to support our environment – today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Below are three statements that are key to our delivery:

How do we connect you?

There is a simple process once you have signed-up to our network.

Firstly, engineers undertake a check to find out if we can connect your property to our network. This initial check may be done remotely using unique software.

If we can’t connect you, we will tell you and explain why – as well as to give options that might provide a solution to resolve connectivity issues. 

If we can connect you …