Our broadband is rubbish!” … is a phrase we have heard a great deal from those living and working in north east Fife.

If recent years have taught us anything, it is that we all need better access to improved internet connectivity … all of the time.

Working or studying at home, accessing essential information not to mention streaming movies and downloading your favourite box sets. And when you add in the fact the several members of the same family want or need to be online at the same time? Well, we know how bad that can be.

We wanted to do something about it. And now we are.

Through 2020-2021, we asked people to register their interest: hundreds did so – right across north east Fife. The feedback was as expected – not great! Average download speeds well below 25Mbps and, as for upload speeds? Under 12Mbps. A country mile off national averages. And whereas speeds were below the national average, the price people are paying is above those elsewhere. A ‘lose lose’.

In 2022, we launched a network in the highlands, connecting homes and businesses to gigabit-capable broadband – delivered wirelessly – across more than 50 square miles of Strathspey.

We now invite homes and businesses to sign-up in North East Fife. You can do so by using the sign-up form that is embedded in the Home Page of this website – just visit the page or click here and we’ll take you straight to it!

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