Community first

Our product is different from every other broadband provider. That is a bold statement, but it is true. 

  • We are a collaboration of businesses who have been working with community partners and stakeholders for more than five years to research and develop our unique model – a gigabit-capable broadband network delivered wirelessly that not only offers customers superfast, ultrafast, hyperfast and gigabit speeds of connectivity but also reinvests in the local communities who support the network.
  • Alongside our network, we deliver managed, integrated digital communication and services that support multiple audiences – businesses, community groups, culture & tourism initiatives, education & training providers, environmental projects as well as wellbeing support.
  • Our approach and support help to drive economic sustainability at a local level. The scale of that support is determined by the numbers signing up to our network: the more who sign-up, the more we can deliver.

Up is the new Down …

For more than a decade, broadband offerings have been defined by their download speeds – with 30Mbps (thirty megabits per second) deemed as ‘superfast’. Recent years have taught us that we all need more access to better connectivity – all of the time. As more people create greater levels of content for sharing, the need for improved upload speeds increases.

And so ‘superfast’ is our basic offering – and only available to those who are ‘off grid’, that is for those who fall well below the speed and for whom Government-backed vouchers are available to aid their connection. 

We don’t just focus on download speeds. Our packages offer significantly higher speeds ensuring whatever download speed you buy, we will provide a third of that speed as the upload as standard: Need 60Mbps download? We’ll provide it with 20Mbps upload … and so on across all our packages.  

Environmentally friendly …

We work with wireless delivery. Anchored to fibre at key points, our gigabit-capable broadband is delivered wirelessly with minimal environmental disruption. That is important to us – and to our customers.

A major part of our delivery is to demonstrate the environmental benefits of ‘wireless’ versus traditional ‘in ground’ fibre. We are not closing or digging roads. Our connectivity does not require laying miles and miles of hugely expensive cabling with convoys of vehicles crisscrossing the countryside. We are not disrupting hedgerows, fields or wildlife. In fact, quite the opposite.

We are working with local landowners to plant trees – sequestering carbon that benefits our local environment today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Our pricing options …

We have created simple packages enabling customers to choose the right package to deliver the right level of connectivity: you choose the speed you need. Please be assured, if we cannot connect you at the speed you order, we will not connect you and you will not be charged.

Our packages …

  • Funded: your property may be eligible for funding support to help with connecting your premises to better broadband. Our delivery partner – TransmitAir Ltd – is registered as a supplier to the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme (SBVS). The scheme is designed to provide funding for Broadband Connectivity to homes and businesses who currently receive speeds below 30Mbps. When signing up to our network, simply tick the box that enables us to act on your behalf to check if your property is eligible for such funding. If it is, we will liaise with you over the process required to trigger that support.
  • Essential: we know for many, connectivity is ‘the fourth utility’. It is an essential – whether running a business, working from home, studying or for accessing key support services online, be that banking or health and social care support. If you choose our Essential service, it is an upfront option** that reduces waiting time. The one-off connection payment (£375.00 + VAT+) is payable only once we have surveyed your property and we know we can connect you at the speed you need. Once paid, you are then connected to our network immediately on the monthly tariff chosen.
  • Budget: where customers opt for our budget package, they will be on a delivery schedule where we will connect depending on commercial viability – the critical mass in each area. We won’t string you along: we will be honest with timescales so you can plan accordingly. This option may well apply for a group of properties or for multi-occupier premises.

All domestic packages are priced per calendar month and include VAT: our Business Packages are ‘plus VAT’. Both include your dedicated router with built-in Wi-Fi.

Finally, once Installed, the equipment fitted (External Antenna) remains the property of TransmitAir Limited – unless installed with grant funding.

If the contract is not renewed at the end of the contracted term, TransmitAir Limited may arrange to remove the equipment. If you have any questions, please click here to message one of our knowledgeable team. We will respond as soon as we are able.  


The following has been created from questions we have received from customers old and new. We hope it helps.

If you have questions that are not addressed by our FAQs section, please click here to message one of our knowledgeable team. We will respond as soon as we are able.

  • What is installed at my property? Our engineers survey your property and, assuming we can connect you at the speed you have ordered, install a small antenna. Your property’s distance from our network dictates the size of the antenna.  Our smallest antenna is roughly the size of a large smartphone. Our larger antennae are no larger than a TV satellite dish. Connected to the antenna, we install a small cable into your property and connect this to a router – not dissimilar to the type you’d get with a traditional broadband connection. This router needs to be connected to a regular electrical socket. It has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy internet browsing throughout your property*.
  • How much does it cost? We offer a variety of packages to suit different requirements and these are listed on our Home Page. Our ‘gigabit’ service is ‘price on application’ so please click here to message one of our knowledgeable team who will respond as soon as they are able.
  • Do I need a phone line? No. Unlike conventional broadband, our service does not require a landline. But can I get a phone line or service from you? Yes. Please ask when making your enquiry.
  • Can I use the broadband connection for any kind of internet use? Yes. You should consider our service to be the same as any cable connection – only without a cable! *** If you require a level of service that needs a fixed IP address (ie you are running CCTV at your property or you are an online gamer), then we can provide fixed IP addresses [see below for more].
  • Is this delivered via 5G? No. This is Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) that meets with all industry/Ofcom approvals.
  • I’ve heard Wireless isn’t reliable, especially in bad weather. Is that correct? No. Our network is designed by our in-house experts who have many years’ experience designing, building, installing and running ‘always-on’ business-critical connectivity for clients across the UK – from small to large business organisations as well as for governmental organisations.
  • What happens if something goes wrong? We monitor our network 24/7 – 365 days of the year. In the very unlikely event of an issue, we have an in-house team ready to put it right. You’ll be able to contact us if you experience a problem and we’ll fix it without delay. If the problem turns out to be something that’s happened outside of our control, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and keep you updated by text or email.
  • Can I get a fixed IP address? Fixed IP addressing is available – charged at £10.00 + VAT per month. Please click here to message our team who will be able to advise further.
  • Who are TransmitAir? TransmitAir are our chosen internet service provider. A registered supplier to the Scottish Government’s Broadband Voucher Scheme, the company is also a member of WISPA (the UK’s Wireless Internet Service Providers Association). Their head office is at 5-6 Waverley Road, Mitchelston Industrial Estate, Kirkcaldy, KY1 3NH. Their head office telephone number is 0345 299 3008 and their email address is info@transmitair.com

The Small Print

+ VAT is included at the current rate and is subject to change. 

* Our router will provide Wi-Fi in your property, but the coverage will depend on the property’s size and configuration. We can extend the reach of our router by installing additional Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) at an additional cost. Please ask us for a quote. 

** This price is for a standard installation: it includes a standard antenna bracket, up to 20 metres of external grade cable, internal router with Wi-Fi. Installations that do not meet the criteria will incur additional charges. Please ask us before proceeding. Any additional pricing is fixed and there are never any hidden charges – ever. 

*** Subject to our terms and conditions of service.