Credence Broadband is a community-benefit network delivered by Destination Digital.

The company’s partners have decades of experience in creating and delivering innovative solutions for wireless connectivity and digital support.

Credence is borne out of years of research and a proven track record in developing and delivering transformational broadband connectivity to support homes and businesses.

Connecting north east Fife

Through 2020-2021, we asked people to register their interest: hundreds did so – right across north east Fife. The feedback was as expected: average download speeds were well below 25Mbps and, as for upload speeds? Terrible. A country mile off national averages.

In 2022, we launched StrathspeyNow – our network in the highlands. That is connecting homes and businesses to gigabit-capable broadband – delivered wirelessly – across more than 50 square miles of Strathspey.

Each week, we connect more to our network, enabling homes and businesses to access transformational internet speeds.

We now invite homes and businesses across North East Fife to sign-up to Credence Broadband.

If you have any questions, you can read more on our FAQs page via this link.

Our Pledge ...

Unlike any national service provider, Credence Broadband will work hand in hand with local partners and community stakeholders to help deliver much-needed improvements in our area’s digital connectivity and support.

We want to ensure that the services offered are financially viable: to that end, there’s a commitment that any charges for broadband delivered by us will be no higher than those charged by other providers for an equivalent service.

The added benefit?

Customers signing up to Credence help to support towns and villages across the area – not only delivering unrivaled connectivity, but also providing support for our wider community.

This is through managed, integrated digital communication that helps to build, engage and interact with growing audiences at home and further afield … supporting businesses, community groups, culture & tourism initiatives, education & training providers, environmental projects as well as health & social care partnerships.

Combined, they all help to drive sustainable economic development.

Wireless roots ...

We chose Credence and a Rowan Tree as our logo for a number of reasons (below). 

We believe nothing delivers better than a roots-up approach – initiatives that have community at their heart.

As a result, our network will not only be supporting homes and businesses with transformational wireless connectivity but – working with local landowners – will also be planting trees, sequestering carbon and benefiting our local environment – for today, tomorrow and years to come.